The Sad Facts About Illegal Game Rooms in Texas

The Sad Facts About Illegal Game Rooms in Texas

I miss going to game rooms and enjoying a fun evening with free drinks and food.

Where I live there is a small “strip center” within walking distance. There was at least one game room there all the time but they have since been shut down. My husband is the one who got me hooked on playing these slot machines and I fell in love with them. What I found out is that these places are not illegal. The payment in cash is what is illegal.

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They are supposed to be for amusment only and only pay out in merchandise

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but all the game rooms that I’ve ever went into paid out in cash and yes, I won quite a bit. For a while I was making more gambling than I was working a regular job. I have even won so much that it broke the machine after taking 15 minutes to rack up all the winnings.

But a lot of people that go to these game rooms are senior citizens and this is their big night out. They will sit there for hours and play one dollar at a time. They told me that it was cheaper entertainment than going to a movie. 

Congress keeps pushing aside the bill to legalize gambling in Texas so everyone just goes across to Louisiana and that state gets all the proceeds instead of Texas who desperatly needs the money coming in.

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Bo.Jack Russo, posted this comment on Feb 27th, 2011

Here in San Diego, many seniors get hooked on the casinos, unfortunately, they are legal here.

d1dezire, posted this comment on Feb 27th, 2011

interesting. thot it was the casino itself that was illegal . nice one

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